Scribbly Gum

Scribbly Gum is a small farming property of around 170 hectares in the Southern Highlands region of NSW.

Used historically as grazing land for sheep and cattle, the owners decided in late 2021 to commence a soil carbon project on the property, leveraging nature-based land management techniques and best practice grazing management to improve water flows, boost biodiversity and sequester carbon into the soil.

Frontier carbon supports land managers that adopt our assessment and due diligence framework for adopting leading regenerative practices and through our due diligence process can achieve greater soil carbon increases and more resilient landscapes.

Sequestration Target:

  • An increase of 5% across all eligible areas of the Property within the first 5 years; and
  • An average of 1% per annum over the first 10 years.

Ambitious but feasible net sequestration target to a depth of one metre of approximately 26,192 tonnes of CO2e per annum

Land management activities

Pasture improvement, composting, best practice grazing management, water management and erosion control in accordance with the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative—Estimation of Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration using Measurement and Models) Methodology Determination 2021 (Method).

Carbon Estimation Areas, exclusion areas and strata:

  • One CEA based on project size
  • Exclusion areas (e.g. forested areas and roads)
  • Four strata, identified based on topographical and soil information. Structuring strata in this way will reduce variance in sampling results